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  1. "Knowledge Brokers"
    "Knowledge Brokers"
  2. Personal Lines Insurance
    Personal Lines Insurance
  3. Health & Welfare
    Health & Welfare
  4. Contractor's Insurance
    Contractor's Insurance
  5. Brokerage Consulting
    Brokerage Consulting
  6. Idea Driven
    Idea Driven
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    Worker's Compensation Coverage
  8. Your Partner for Life
    Your Partner for Life
  9. Construction Insurance
    Construction Insurance
  10. Medical Plan Auditing
    Medical Plan Auditing
 A person [or group] who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy; 
 champion, supporter, backer, proponent, spokesperson, fighter*
Risk Mitigation
A comprehensive risk mitigation strategy is key so you or your company are never, at any time, open to excessive exposure. 
Personal Lines
Home and auto insurance protects the policyholder from large expenses resulting from loss, damage and injury associated with his or her home, property and automobile.  
Industry Expertise
In the insurance industry, trust has to be established before it is earned. Lambent Risk Management is deeply committed to providing a uniquely personal, consultative and transparent approach to designing insurance programs to protect the lifetime value of your assets. Our reach is worldwide. Lambent is licensed to design and place all lines of commercial and personal insurance in 48 states, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Benefits Administration
Creating, managing and keeping your 
employee benefits program will insure
maximum engagement among employees. 
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